What Not to Say in a Personal Loan Application

Written By Rosaline Parras on Tuesday, June 3, 2014 | 4:13 AM

People get personal loans for many different reasons, weddings or honeymoons, debt consolidation, home renovations, or anything else that may need just a little more than pocket change. When getting a personal loan, be sure to shop around and get different quotes from different lenders. If you have bad credit, there may be some personal loans that are for people with bad credit, and maybe even to help then boost their credit. Now, it doesn't matter why you are applying for a personal loan, there are just some things you shouldn't say in your loan application.

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You never want to leave the reason blank. By leaving this section blank you aren't giving a bank any reason why you want the loan and for what exactly it will be used for. But, there are some things you shouldn't write in this section. If you are wanting it to supplement your income, probably not the best idea to write that, I am not telling you to lie on your form, but normally personal loans aren't used for your day to day expenses, and also by saying that it may tell lenders that you won't have enough money to pay back the loan. Also, don't say that it is a way to help you out of debt but don't plan on changing the way you use your money. This once again tells lenders that more than likely, you won't have the money to pay back your loan.

If you want to get a personal loan as a down payment on something, it is fine to state that. When you do say that the loan will be used as a down payment, be sure what for and how you intend to pay for the rest of that item after you have paid the down payment. If you don't say how you intend to pay the rest of the item off, lenders may see that as a sign that not only can you not afford whatever the item is, but also that they probably won't be paid back.

Lenders also look for job and income stability, so don't say that you have a job but you also hate it. With the tough economic times there are probably a lot of people who don't like exactly what they are doing, but it is a constant income. By telling a lender that you hate your job, you may lead them to believe that you may quit your job at some point or even be let go. Which if either of those events happen, you wouldn't be able to pay back your loan.

Also, don't beg. It's never good to beg, no matter what the case, but on a personal loan application, really, don't beg. Another thing, don't mention that they are the fourth or fifth lender who you have gone to. With both of these things, you look like a poor credit risk, and that you have exhausted all of your other choices for loans. If you want them to be the sixth lender to say no to your loan, then beg away.

All in all, most people can get a personal loan, just be smart about it and really think about how your application will look to lenders. If you think it sounds like you want this personal loan so you can keep living beyond your means, you probably won't get the loan. Shop around to get different personal loan quotes so you can get the best deal for you. Also, look at different lenders loan options for people with bad credit.

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