Ways Money Really Can Buy Happiness

Written By Rosaline Parras on Monday, June 9, 2014 | 4:24 AM

An age old question, "Can Money Buy Happiness?" was actually scientifically researched by the Journal of Consumer Psychology. The study concluded that we do in fact, can find happiness and euphoria in money, but not for the reason you're probably thinking of right now. Money, used in the right ways truly can fulfill us and bring meaning to our lives. Read on to find out the ways in which personal finance of those green papers in your wallets can satisfy your "happy."

Most of us make the mistake of totally discrediting materialistic things for our happiness. But mainly, we are just guilty of making incorrect assumptions about how the monetary system can make us happy us. So, we go about it and spend according to the ways in which we think we satisfy us, but materialistic things and possessions often fall short of fulfilling our happiness wholeheartedly. If we consider certain principles and perspectives on spending, money just may bring us that pure happiness we all seek.

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If we look at money as a means of buying "experiences" and not just materialistic things to fulfill our life, we may be more well off-spiritually, mentally, and physically. The study showed that people reported greater happiness when they look back, reminisce, and reflect on an experience purchase, rather than a materialistic purchase. For example, paying for two sky diving tickets, or a trip of a lifetime, or even just a simple day at the zoo or a local festival. Looking back on memories built from experiences you will never forget is a great way to channel that happiness, and it just so happens, that money can buy these experiences!

Secondly, why not just spend money only on yourself? That may satisfy you momentarily, but it won't make you feel any better. Even worse, people who spend a lot of money on only themselves often report shopper's remorse and feelings of guilt. If we think about the last time we bought gifts for others that makes them feel better, it also makes us feel great too. Technically, giving money away, in the form of gifts or to a charity was shown by researchers through an MRI scan of the brain, that activates the same triggers when receiving rewards and inducing happiness. Doing a good deed for others is always enjoyable and is something that can be accomplished through monetary funds.

Third, if we can focus on the present moment - the now, and not the later, or some distant big dream, we're more likely to make a great impact and feel more accomplished and happy. In contrast, if we're always thinking about that one large house we'd like to live in by age 35, or buying a yacht when we retire, the impacts of our future purchases may never be realized. Instead, if we zero in on the present moment, the things we can actually buy now, or in the near future that will improve our lives, the day-to-day impact may be greater felt and realized.

Wealth allows people to experience the best in life, and ultimately undermines the little, simple things in life that bring joy. But, if we manage our finances, live within our means, and occasionally have to take out personal loans, then it's not a big deal. Money is fleeting and we shouldn't overspend or take things for granted. Always look at the big picture when making large purchases. Will this item bring me happiness in 5 years? Will in contribute to the well-being of my family? We may reap the pleasures of taking out personal loans, but be careful, because many fall deeper into debt this way. If you must take out a personal loan to satisfy your spending habits, comparing personal loan rates may be the best idea. Not spending more than you have to is key to everything, especially happiness.

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