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Written By Rosaline Parras on Monday, June 2, 2014 | 12:10 PM

Looking for a loan with perfect terms is a hard task, particularly when the person looking has a bad credit history. Many believe it is next to impossible but the secret to getting those personal loans with bad credit for the preferred amount, the lowest interest rate and the most manageable repayments schedule, is the lender.

There problem is there are many lenders out there, between traditional banks, credit unions and online lending companies. Finding the right one takes time, and usually time is not an available luxury when loans with poor credit for personal use are needed.

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Of course, getting approval for a personal loan, despite credit ratings, depends on more things than simply getting the most suitable lending terms. But while some dismiss loans with poor credit immediately, there are lenders who specialize in that niche.

What Type of Lender

A lot depends on the lenders that are applied to for a personal loan with bad credit. Regular banks, for example, are usually constrained by high overheads from their many branches, so are unwilling to risk large losses by approving loans with bad credit for personal use. Remember, that a personal loan can be used for just about anything, so lenders are dependent on the sense of responsibility that borrowers have.

Credit unions and other lending institutions are influenced by the same pressures banks are, which is why they too can be hesitant. However, they can approve personal loans, despite poor credit ratings, so long as aspects such as the sum requested and the term of the loan are favorable.

Advantages of Online Lenders

The alternative to these traditional lenders is the online lender and, in almost all respects, they are the best option to secure personal loans with bad credit.

There several reasons why this is the case. The biggest is that the strength of their business is that they cater to people regular banks will not. So, the applicants the banks reject, an online lender will take a more favorable attitude towards.

This means that poor credit is not enough to put the online lender off, while the undefined purpose of personal loans does not make them nervous. Logically then, loans with bad credit for personal use are no problem.

While approval for personal loans, despite poor credit scores, is clearly a good thing, it is that lower interest rates charged that are most attractive.

Terms to Seek

The terms that should be sought for a personal loan with bad credit are not impossible to get. However, it must be understood that some compromises on preferred terms are going to have to be accepted.

If approval can be secured for loans with poor credit for personal use, then the higher risk involved for the lender will be compensated for. This invariably is done via the interest rate changed.

It may be possible to get a long term loan, ensuring more affordable monthly repayments, though greater interest paid over the life of the loan. If the loan is short term, the monthly repayment is high but the loan is cleared earlier.

The right lender will be open to negotiating such compromises on personal loans, despite bad credit, thereby increasing the chances of clockwork repayments. The truth is that personal loans with poor credit can be found, but they are usually found online, making that option the more plausible.

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