Loans With Bad Credit Can Be Large Enough to Consolidate Bad Debt

Written By Rosaline Parras on Saturday, June 14, 2014 | 7:16 AM

The idea of giving large loans is usually accompanied with some trepidation by lending companies. Unless the applicant is flush with assets and has an excellent credit history, the sense of risk increases dramatically. However, loans with bad credit of as much as $10,000 are possible, allowing borrowers to consolidate the debts that are crippling them.

It does seem implausible that people with poor credit can get their hands on such a large amount of money, but there are logical reasons why some lenders are willing to approve them. Not least is the fact that loans approved despite poor credit scores being held by the applicant are usually done so because the scores alone do not reveal that real story.

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It is true that loans for those with bad credit are generally available at higher interest rates and on terms that are much stricter than those faced by people with good credit scores. But the growth of the online lending market means that many of the old prejudices are now overlooked.

Bad Credit Does Not Mean High Risk

The key prejudice is that poor credit scores mean that the borrower can not be trusted to repay their loans. In these times of financial crisis loans with bad credit have become common because many of those with low credit rating were caught out by the sudden economic downturn. This means that credit scores have taken a sudden fall too, but it does not mean that the borrower is high risk.

The other prejudice is that poor habits can never be lost. Increasingly, the loans approved despite bad credit have been repaid like clockwork, even though the borrower had had a lax attitude towards repayments in the past. They have learned from their experiences and are trying to regain credit.

With both cases in mind, it is not hard to understand why lenders offer loans for those with bad credit, especially the online lenders who have targeted that niche.

Advantage of Large Loans

When applying for a loan with bad credit, a small loan sum might seem wise to ensure repayments are managed. However, a large loan should not be ruled out, as some of the existing debt can paid off and the overall amount owed effectively lowered.

For example, a $10,000 loan can repay an old loan with perhaps a $5,000 balance, a credit card with a $3,500 balance and a few outstanding bills that have been lingering. Of course, the idea works best when the repayments on the new loan is lower than those due on the older debts.

Lenders know the value of offering loans to those with bad credit, since it provides borrowers with a chance to organize their debts into something manageable. And with loans approved despite poor credit, demand is high leading to a healthy profit for the lenders.

Lenders to Consider

For the majority of people, the first port of call when seeking a loan with bad credit is the traditional bank. However, these are the most likely to turn down any application for a large loan, based on the credit history alone. In fact, collateral would be required if they are to take on the risk of granting a large loan to those with poor credit.

Even credit unions have begun to tighten the reigns, which means the best chance of having a loan approved despite bad credit is to go to online lenders. As already mentioned, they actively seek to capture this niche market, and even with large loans, their terms are more competitive than with regular banks. Clearly then, the best option for large loans with bad credit is on the internet.

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