Personal Loans Guide for Those With Bad Credit

Written By Rosaline Parras on Thursday, May 29, 2014 | 11:12 AM

The economy remains in a very tenuous state, with tens of thousands of American families still reeling from the effects of the last few years. For many families, therefore, times have been tough financially, but the availability of personal loans has played a role in alleviating the situation, even if they have bad credit.

Bad credit rating is now a common problem, but that has not meant that the opportunities to get a fast injection of funds have been completely shot off. In fact, if anything, the prevalence of the problems has convince some lenders to provide loans for personal use in an effort to improve the lot of their customers.

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Personal Loans Options

There are personal secured loans and unsecured loans, with both types providing a way to get the extra funds necessary to pay an unexpected bill or other financial obligations. It is not particularly hard to find a lender offering loans for personal use, though those with low or very poor credit rating may need a co signer to convince the more mainstream banks or financial institutions.

Of course, if collateral can be provided, then getting a personal secured loan is rather simple, since the collateral guarantees the security of the loan. Getting the unsecured version is less certain, since a monthly income is the principal factor on which the loan is granted. Credit rating is important too, but with the current economic realities, even lenders understand that a rating is not a fully accurate indicator.

How and Where to Apply

The options for personal loans are quite varied, but even if lenders in general do understand the injustices that the current economic climate has served up, not all of them are moved to break away from policy. That is why many of the mainstream banks are still more likely to turn down applicants who have poor credit scores.

However, there are institutions and financing companies that count such applicants amongst their core niche. Many of these are based on the internet, allowing for competitive rates to be offered. Understandably, researching the different options for personal unsecured loans is important, so check out the companies and their reputations.

Then look closely at the terms, with loans for personal use usually coming with quite strict terms. The penalties for late payment can be very high, while the APR can also be higher than for normal loans. The reason for this is simply the extra risk the lender is taking in approving an applicant with bad credit.

Once satisfied with the personal loan package, then all that is needed is to fill out the online application form, and wait for around 24 hours for fast approval. Bear in mind also, that the lender will probably seek an automatic repayment agreement with your bank, which is their way of guaranteeing payment is received.

Secrets to Successful Application

What is important in applying for a loan is that the sum should not be particularly high. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, from the point of view of the lender, large loans have greater risks. If an applicant has bad credit, then their ability to make large repayments every month is dubious. Anyway, a loan for personal use should not need to be very high.

Secondly, the idea of a personal unsecured loan is not just to get some extra funds, but also to rebuild your credit rating by repaying it on time. Taking on too much debt is counter productive. It is much better to repay a small personal loan over a short period of time successfully, than a larger loan over a longer period with extra pressure.

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