Personal Loans Can Be Approved Online, Even With a Bad Credit Score

Written By Rosaline Parras on Wednesday, May 14, 2014 | 9:58 AM

There is a general fear that for anyone with bad credit, the chances of getting personal loans for whatever reason will have been reduced to none. It does not matter whether the extra funds are to help alleviate financial difficulties or to help pay for something that has become necessary, the problems that bad credit bring make lenders reluctant.

But, the truth is that personal loans with bad credit are not that difficult to come by. It is a matter of knowing who to go to and how to approach them. This is because, regardless of the state of the economy, lenders are still in the business of lending. It is just that the conditions and terms may have been tightened up a bit.

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So, if someone was to walk into a bank and seek a $2,000 loan despite having a low credit score, the chances of success are minimal, though they do improve if collateral is part of the deal. But, it is much more likely to get a $2,000 online personal loan despite bad credit hanging over the head of the applicant.

Exactly why comes down to a number of reasons, but one of the principal influences is the purpose of the loan itself. Lenders of personal loans, whether traditional banks or online financing firms, want to know that the sum borrowed will not be wasted on frivolous things, especially when bad credit is a factor.

Needing Money Fast

Of course, this can be difficult with personal loans with bad credit, which by definition are open in their terms of use. Informing the lender of the purposes can be very helpful in securing the loan.

Repaying credit card bills, catching up on overdue utility bills, or perhaps paying for unexpected expenses such as medical bills are all good reasons. But since traditional lenders have clamped down on their approvals, it is far more likely to get an online personal loan despite bad credit.

Advantages of the Online Option

Online lenders might be more accommodating to applicants with a low credit rating, but this is not the only advantage to seeking personal loans over the internet. Speed is the particular advantage to be highlighted.

Even the most efficient traditional lenders will need time to read, check and then assess the applications, which usually means that 24 hours is the fastest time it will take to approve a personal loan with bad credit. But online lenders are generally faster, sometimes taking just a few hours to confirm the loan has been approved.

Another advantage to seeking an online personal loan, despite bad credit, is the fact that credit checks are often not part of the process. For sums as small as $2,000, there is little need to demand anything more than a proof of income and a bank account from which to pay the loan into, and withdraw the repayments from.

A third advantage to getting a personal loan from an online source is that terms tend to be better, with more competitive interest rates available than from banks mainly due to the sheer competitiveness of the online market. This means that the monthly repayments can be smaller, while the term of the personal loan with bad credit may also be more manageable.

Be Careful

However, there are risks that an applicant needs to be aware of. Because some financial information will be disclosed in the online application form, it is important that it is protected. Getting approval on an online personal loan despite bad credit is good news, but it could be ruined by hackers.

So, always check out the lending company and also look for the security badges on their sites before progressing. Then, a personal loan online can be the perfect solution to our money owes.

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